Popular L Sealer Machines and Shrink Tunnels Available at Sontex

Companies within all industries and niches are now using L sealer machines and shrink tunnels in order to package their products in the most effective ways. Companies all over the world have found shrink wrapping using these machines to be the most effective and packaging method, and the use of shrink wrapping has allowed many companies to move forward.

However, with this in mind it has recently become apparent that some companies are still not using shrink-wrapping to package their products simply because they do not know which machines they should be using. Do not worry – Today we are here to help. Sontex, one of the leading shrink-wrap machine suppliers in the UK offer a whole host of shrink machinery. Some of their most popular and leading models include the following:


Could an L sealer machine be for you? The L sealers available at Sontex boast many benefits and features, including but not limited to the following:

  • Impulse semi automatic L Sealer for use with centre-foldedfilms for either loose bagging or shrink wrapping when used in conjunction with a shrink tunnel
  • Motorised takeaway away conveyor
  • Operating speeds up to 20 per minute
  • Can be used with Polyolefin, Polyproylene, PVC or Polythene films
  • Automatic scrap film rewinding system

These are only some of the benefits too.

TE-MATIC Shrink Tunnels

Sontex also offers a fantastic range of TE-MATIC shrink tunnels including but not limited to the TE-MATIC 18 and the TE-MATIC 18+ Audion L-Sealer. These machines are very, very popular and in high demand. The amazing benefits in which these machines feature are:

  • Adjustable shrink tunnel temperature
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Tunnel air flow regulation by flaps
  • Tunnel conveyor with silicone coated rotating roller
  • Control panel with back lighted LCD
  • Automatic cool down function for end of shift
  • Live or fixed rollers
  • 6 working programmes

These are only some of the machines that the company offer too – They have many more available and are even able to sour e machines for people with incredibly specific demands. After visiting the company’s website if you believe that you need professional assistance in choosing the most suitable machine or you have any questions, do not hesitate to give Sontex a call. They are always happy to help.