Smart Money Moves You Can Take in Your 20s

It is correctly said that “Well planned is half done”.The 20s is exactly the right age for beginning to plan about one’s finances. This is the time when most of the youngsters land their first jobs and start their careers. Also, this is the age when one wants to enjoy the most. Financial independence and a stable income open many opportunities to make memorable experiences. Therefore, too much saving can take away a lot of fun. Hence, a balance must be maintained in order to save moderately for future needs and enjoying the present. Here are a few smart tips which one can follow in his/her 20s to have a sound financial health.

1) Savings – A fixed moderate amount should be decided to save per month. As soon as one gets their pay check, the first thing to be done is to keep that fixed savings amount separately. After that, expenses should be planned from the rest of the income. It should not be the other way around. It should be always like Income – Savings = Expenses and not Income – Expenses = Savings.

2) Small Investment Options – One should start investing some part of his/her income in financial instruments based on the risk one is willing to take. Some investments like equity markets are riskier as compared to SIPs. The investment decisions should be taken after getting good financial advice from either a professional or someone more experienced in financial planning.

3) Good Choice in Choosing Lenders – Since this is just the beginning of one’s career, one might find himself/herself in need of money for small expenses like an adventure trip with friends or a broken down computer, etc. These expenses can be easily met by small short-term loans. Online app like CASHe can help with an instant personal loan ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 2 lakhswithin minutes. There are several advantages of taking personal loans from CASHe like:

  1. a) Time Saving – The whole process of borrowing money will take just under 8 minutes. It saves a lot of time as compared to other options for borrowing money.
  2. b) Low Interest Rates – Interest rates are quite lower as compared to other options. One can even get an interest rate of 1.5%.
  3. c) Hassle Free Process – The whole process is quite easy and there is no paperwork involved. All you need is copies of PAN card, Aadhar card, latest salary slip, & last three months’ bank statement.

So, be smart and start taking good financial decisions from the beginning itself.

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