The Single Best Detox Drink For Weed Smokers

When it comes to many material goods, it can be pretty difficult to determine objectively what the best of the best is. For example, there’s no one best smartphone out there being sold, because different phones focus on different things with different priorities. Same goes for computers, cars, speakers, any number of things. For a more niche product like a detox drink for passing a drug test, that’s not quite the case. The one single best detox drink for weed smokers with even the most frequent habits, is easily without a doubt Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse.

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If you’re shopping around for the best detox drink, you might find some other pretty big and maybe even trustworthy brand names that also get a lot of praise, but every other product is just an imitation of Clear Choice’s formula and approach to the detox process. Instead of trying to entirely eliminate all potential toxins and metabolites that can lead to a positive test result for THC or other drugs, the Rescue Cleanse instead nukes the hell out of your body by supercharging your need to go number one and number two at the bathroom. It’s essentially a hyper powerful laxative that will guarantee that none of those metabolites are present for a good two hours after consumption of it.

When customers follow the instructions to a tee, they’re rewarded with a brilliant product that can help them keep their job or stay out of trouble. There’s two different sizes, a 32oz one for people over two hundred pounds, and a 17oz one for those below. The instructions aren’t rocket science. You do have to stop smoking 48 hours before taking it, so some advance notice is definitely necessary. You also have to make sure your stomach is empty, which means don’t eat for four hours before drinking the solution. Besides that, just drink it all down then fill the bottle with water and drink that too. Do this approximately two hours before the test and you’re good to go. There’s a reason Clear Choice has maintained their reputation of providing the best detox drink for weed smokers, and they really are the clear choice.