Three Major Areas of Concerns when Collecting on a Judgment

After you have won the case in the court of law along with the fee of the attorney, what would you be required to do to enter the verdict or judgment? Your best bet would be to look for the best judgment and fee collection lawyer in NY. The lawyer would be your best bet for handling all kinds of collection needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket. You would be required to request your fee. However, you would be required to handle three major areas of concern; namely, billing description, privilege, and the effects of contingency arrangements. 

Foremost, you should be wary of the billing practices. It would be in your best interest to provide the invoices as an exhibit to your motion. You should provide a detailed, consistent, and precise description of your billings. Rest assured the opposing attorney would have the opportunity to respond. Therefore, you should be ready to have your billing closely examined and challenged. Secondly, most of the descriptions would be protected; you should save for the disclosure of client-attorney communications. Ensure to review and redact the descriptions reflecting information from the client communications. You should be prudent as you may end up various entries set aside for insufficient descriptions. 

Lastly, the contingency cases would pose unique issues for the awards mentioning the fee of the attorney. Despite the contingency agreement that would result in the attorney receiving a percentage of the award, the courts may not accept the award figuring without more. The court would examine the reasonable number of hours billed, assign a reasonable rate, and multiply the hours by the assigned rate. The court could also consider the market rate for the area, time spent on prevailing claims, and the complexity of the case. It would help you be paid what you are owed.