What are the Core Causes of Low Employee Morale?

Every manager knows employee morale is one of the most important– and perhaps most elusive– things to maintain in running a successful company. High morale among employees doesn’t only improve retention, it increases productivity and performance as well. But employee sentiment cannot be gauged by watercooler talk alone, nor can it be determined by “feeling out” the mood around the office. AMBER from Aviana Global is the best employee engagement software for engaging employees to evaluate the company’s mood index. Understanding the core causes of low employee morale is also a great way to gain insight into what changes need to be made.

Lack of Trust in Leadership

Trust is at the core of everything you do. If employees’ trust in leadership is compromised, they will not be able to maintain positive attitudes towards their work. So, always keep your word and make sure to be consistent.

No Open Communication

Managers often seem unapproachable, which leaves employees to suffer in silence. Employees who hold in their true feelings about work will end up having low morale. So, be approachable with your employees and make sure set aside time for regular interaction.

Lack of Team Spirit

It’s always important for employees to feel like their work contributes to a larger team effort. The solution is to get out of the office and do some team-building activities. Break out of your normal routine and explore the benefits of working together.

Negative Influences

If there is a “Debbie Downer” on your crew, she may drag the whole ship down with her before you know it. Bad attitudes can be contagious. Negative types are often not aware of the damage they do to employee morale. Take charge and prevent this situation by having periodic classes to teach employees the benefits of positive speech and attitudes.

Lack of Incentive

Motivation is a very important factor in keeping morale high. Going to work and doing the same thing every day, especially if the pay isn’t very high, can wear on people. They need a reason to stay productive. Give the best benefits you can and create a recognition program. Treat employees to lunch once in a while. Get creative about showing your appreciation.

Wasted Potential

Hiring people for a job they are overqualified for leads to low morale. Also, if you give someone a job that requires a different set of skills than they have, morale will likewise be low. In both cases, they would rather leave your company than try at their job. Employees want to reach their true potential. AMBER from Aviana Global is the best employee engagement software for determining employee engagement levels.

Unreasonable Workload

Workloads can go up and down, and most employees understand this. But asking any employee to keep up with too much work on a regular basis can cause morale to sink. It can cause burnout and resentment, too. This is especially true if you don’t take the time to recognize the extra effort they are putting in.

Unclear Expectations

Confusion often brings down employee morale. When people don’t understand what you are asking of them or what they are working towards, they can become disengaged. To avoid this, give your employees regular feedback to let them know where they stand.

High Turnover Rates

High turnover puts undue stress on the entire organization. It forces the remaining employees to pick up the slack. It also may make your employees worry about the security of their jobs.

Best Employee Engagement Software

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