What is debt collection?

Debt collection – a term that scares many people! Debt collection is something that’s considered to be especially daunting and can leave individuals feeling anxious, however, this needn’t be the case!

Debt collection

A debt collection agency will provide a financial account, this will be where any unpaid debts will be collected and stored. Although debt collectors have a negative reputation within society, this is not the case for The C and H Group, a debt collection agency in Manchester!

The C and H Group will send a debt collector to collect debts on the behalf of a company, they aim to earn back what rightfully belongs to the business. Debt collection is not something that happens on a regular occurrence, and The C and H Group only sends a debt collector when there have been several payments missed.

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Why debt retrieval?

Having waited endlessly for repayments, it may be time to invest your money into hiring a debt collector. For debt recovery to be efficient, you need to have the know-how, hence why you need a debt collection agency Manchester! Regardless of whether you’re a start-up company or a multi-chain business, if you’re owed money, debt recovery could be exactly what you’re missing!

Debt collection is a cost-effective solution for getting what you’re owed. The C and H Group have a no win, no fee policy, meaning you only get what belongs to you, ultimately making it a fair investment to make.

How does it work?

There are several ways in which debt collection can be carried out, choosing a debt recovery agency is considered to be the most reliable way to get the money that you’re owed, back. The agency will provide you with a reliable service, ensuring that communication is effective.

With The C and H Group, you can rest assured that you’ll always be kept in the loop about the progress that has been made and any other relevant information regarding your case.

You’ll find that there is no “hit and run” approach with The C and H Group, they provide services which are reliable and provide an in-depth understanding of what works best.

For debt collection to take effect, letters will be sent to the address of the person who owes the money. As well as this, they can expect to receive phone calls between the hours of 8am and 9pm.

Debt collection and debt recovery are not always invasive, however, if the calls are being avoided, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act permits debt collectors to turn up at the property to chase up avoided payment notices.

Debt Recovery and Insolvency Management

Where customers are avoiding payment to businesses, there is a certain need for debt recovery. A unique approach is required in order to recover consumer debts.

The experts at The C and H Group can recover the debts on your behalf, however, they also aim not to bombard customers with phone calls and visits, they take a formal approach all the same, but they tend to use letters, emails or text messages!

Insolvency management is the process of accounting. With this, you can expect to have debts that could be written off, retrieved. These debts are retrieved in adherence with law and legislation. The team at The C and H Group will provide regular updates along with readily available advice and support for customers who require a little more information.

Simply call them on 0333 355 1929 today!

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