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Are you planning to start a new wholesale business in California? The state law requires that you have a seller’s permit. While you can obtain a seller’s permit through the California Board of Equalization (BOE), the whole process is usually too demanding and time-consuming given bureaucracy involved in access to government services.

Luckily for you, at SellersPermit.com, we’ve it easier for you to acquire the wholesale license California.  All you need is fill our secure online form and then we’ll handle the rest.

3 Step Process of Applying for a Wholesale License through SellersPermit.com

Unlike applying through the state, we will not take you the long and tedious procedure that requires you to create an account, register, apply and then wait for hours on end to speak to the customer support. Here’s what to do;

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  1. Gather all the Relevant Information

Personal information

  • ID number
  • Social Security Number
  • Email address
  • Other Personal preferences

Business Information

  • Business ID numbers
  • Bank account information
  • Details of the supplier
  1. Fill Out Our Secure Online Form

Provide us with the necessary information on our secure online form. We may reach out if and when we need additional information.

  1. Wait for Your Wholesale License

Once the application is complete, we notify and ship your wholesale license as soon as we have your application processed.

Distinction between a Seller’s Permit and Resale License

Although most people use the two terms interchangeably, each has a different meaning. As a wholesaler, SellersPermit.com will help you obtain a resale license also known as a wholesale license that you can issue so you’re exempted from paying taxes when purchasing items from manufacturers and dealers in California.

A sellers’ permit, on the other hand, allows you to sell your merchandise in California. You’ll need a seller’s permit to obtain a resale license (wholesale license) that you’ll issue your suppliers to purchase the goods for sale on your premises.

Provided the tangible goods you sell are taxable, the California laws require every wholesaler to have a seller’s permit.

Please understand that seller’s permit is not a buying permit. You’ll have to pay tax for the items you buy for use in your business operations rather than for the resale such as office supplies.

Why Choose SellerPermits.com?

  • Secure Ordering – you fill your information in a secure and encrypted online ordering form. We have a database accessible by only a few of our select staff.
  • Verified Auth.Net Merchant – every detail you provide is safe thanks to our secure and trustable payment e-commerce processor.
  • Excellent Customer Support – we have experts who provide nothing short of exemplary customer service through email and phone.

Let SellersPermit Help You Obtain Your Wholesale License

SellersPermit.com is among the few online document filing services with Better Business Bureau (BBB). We’re quick and promise unparalleled services.

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