Why Portable Toilets are so Beneficial for Workers on any Building Site

By making use of portable toilets on a construction site, it has been found to make life a lot easier and even helped to boost productivity. Plus, after any job is completed, they will end up having saved the building company, somegoodol’ Aussie dollars.

Overthe course of anylogistics planning for any type of building site, there are a number of things which must be prepared in advance, including issues of safety, easy entry and exit for all trucks and fencingissues.

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  • And although the portable toilets detail can seem like a minor concern and something which can be left till last, they are vital and should be set up wayin advance prior to any construction work taking place for anyone who will be onsite before the building work begins.

Savings and the Law

Specialist portable toilet hire in Adelaide for a construction site is not just a good idea, in is practically all cases, it’s the law. Depending on the site’s size, the HS (Health and Safety) will require that there are portable toilets onsite for all workers.

Any failure to do so and follow such regulations can end up costing you time and money, so, it’s in your best interests to organise some top quality portable toilets ASAP.

  • Even though you may not have realised it quite yet, by having portable toilets available at a site it helps to increase productivity, which saves money, thus speeding up the completion of all jobs.

Consider a site without portable toilets, and workers walking offsite and going to use toilets. That can be lost time if employees get into the habit of being offsite for longer periods than they should.

Timeand Motion

You mayalready know how often an offsite toilet break transforms into a smoko. Plus workers strolling around an offsite area can generate bad relations with neighbours, leading to issues for the job.

  • By simplyusing of portable toilets, sanitation facilities are right there on your doorstep.

Workers will then be a lot more accountable, and your project will then be more cost friendlydue to workers spending more time on the job and less time offsite.

Earth Friendly Benefit

Standardtoilets are hugewater wasters and if you do the homework, if a site keeps a ten person team working on say a 40 hour week, they will use around 30 gallons of portable waste materials.

  • Whereas traditional toilets require something like 2,500 gallons of clean water to do exactly the same!

That is some massive amount of water saving benefits going on right there and great for the environment and the local community.

And remember, that’s what helps out with the environment is an added bonus for your company, because it’s then possible to promote how eco-friendly your construction site is to all potential future clients.

Using portable toilets makes for the best in common sense, so why not do yourself and your site a favour?!