Work Examiner – The Best Alternative for 2021

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Are you looking for an efficient Time Tracking Software that would help you track the productivity time and idle time of your employees? Well, if yes, then you have come to the right place! There are hundreds of Time Tracking Software’s available in the market however, it is your job to choose that one accurate and efficient Time Tracking Software that would help you track the details of your employee with full assurance.

What does a good Time Tracking Software do?

If you and your team have an outstanding time tracking software, it would have an impact on various aspects of the company. Your team will prove to be more organized and efficient. Moreover, numerous tasks would be completed in a shorter span of time.

A good time tracking software tends to save the time and money of the manager as well as the company. There are various time tracking software’s that come with numerous features such as, GPS Tracking, productivity monitoring, etc.

Which Time Tracking Software to choose?

In this particular article, we will be discussing about a software that has numerous features apart from Time Tracking. The name of this software is Work Examiner. Work Examiner is an Employee Desktop Monitoring Software that helps the manager/employer to keep a close eye on the activities of his/her employees and also on the time given by the employees on each task.

Let us discuss a bit about this Software in detail.

Work Examiner – The Need of Every Employer

The Work Examiner is a web-based tool which is meant for businesses of any size. The tool is of real help for all the managers who tend to be anxious and stressed out for their employees.

The Work Examiner makes it really easy to track the working hours of the employees and also the individual time each employee gives to a single task and various other activities such as social media, websites other than work, and many more. Let us know some features of this tool –

  1. Productivity Stats
  2. Working Hours Tracking
  3. Screen Recording
  4. Application and Web Tracking
  5. PC Tracking
  6. Screenshots Capture
  7. Keylogging

These are some really helpful and amazing features of this software which in total cover all the aspects of the employees monitor as well as manager’s stress and anxiety. 

However, everything carries with it certain advantages and disadvantages. Let us throw some light upon these pros and cons.

Advantages of Work Examiner 

  • Work Examiner does not slow down the computers of the employees and works smoothly. Hence, it has gradually become the need of various employers.
  • It allows you to have a constant check on the productivity of the employees thus, making it easier to motivate them when the need arises.
  • The software effectively tracks the utilized and idle time and gives time to time reports for the same to the employer.
  • It assesses the progress of the employees making it easy for the employer to know who stands out and is more efficient.

Disadvantages of Work Examiner 

The usage of Work Examiner Monitoring Software might not be preferred by the employees.

  • The tool is available only for PC and not for Mobile Phones.
  • The MAC Version of this software is yet to come.

Thus, here was a brief knowledge to you about the Work Examiner – Employee Monitoring Software. The Software is best for Remote Working use. Do consider installing it and making full use of it!