4 Tips For Designing Splash Screens

You have downloaded a mobile application on your mobile phone. When opening the mobile app, you’ve seen a simple screen. What did you think when you saw this screen? These simple splash screens provide the first impression on users and they are really important for mobile apps. So what is the splash screen and why is it important?

What is the Splash Screen?

Splash screen which is also called as ‘’loading screen’’ or ‘’boot screen’’, is the first screen that is displayed when an application loads. It appears whenever the app is loading or booting. It gives information about mobile app and creates impression about your brand on the user. Before using splash screens on your mobile app, you must answer this question: Do you need splash screen on your mobile app? If you want to use splash screen, don’t forget that they must be used correctly. Because, in case you use wrong splash screens, you might leave a bad impression on your users.

For the Right Splash Screen;

  1. Splash Screen Size

It is recommended to create the splash screen in at least three different screen sizes. Large, medium and small. Android gives general information about splash screen sizes but IOS sets of static images for all products.

  1. Simple Design, but not Ordinary

The splash screen should attract the user’s attention as the moment mobile app is opened. So splash screen designs must be remarkable and simple. It is not recommended to use text in the opening screen. Color transitions and logos are going to be enough for this stage.

  1. Make Your Splash Screens Fun

You can arouse enjoy ful feelings for your user with your app splash screen. Trust me, it will work. ☺

  1. Inform Your User

Splash screens are meant to engage users by the time app is launched. If your application takes time to open, inform your users about the progress.

If you need a splash screen, we talked about what you can do. You can create the best splash screen by the type, segment and brand value of your mobile app.

Source: https://appsamurai.com/mobile-app-splash-screens-how-to-get-it-right/


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