4 Tips for Selecting the Best Winch Hire Company

There is plenty of good winch hire companies based throughout the UK that offer reliable services on top of affordable rental prices. If you’ve never hired a winch before, it is advisable to do some research and source the best possible company in your vicinity. Here are some important tips to consider when selecting a winch hire service.

  • Task Analysis

Before you even contact a winch hire company, you must analyse your project and evaluate what is needed to successfully complete the task. The type of project you are going to do may influence the model of winch you’ll require, you may need a wire rope hoist or heavy-duty hand chain hoists, it all depends on the job you’re about to tackle. It makes sense to assess the project before you hire any type of hoisting equipment, if you fail to evaluate the situation you may end up wasting time and money on a winching machine that isn’t designed for your specific requirements. In order to achieve the best outcome, select a unit that can easily handle the job.

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  • Budget Accordingly

Prior to renting a winching machine, you should consider how much you’ll have to spend on a unit. Your project should have money set aside to cover the cost of hiring a winch, so it is important to stick to that figure and not go over budget. It is also important to select the most reliable machine for the job. For example, if the best possible winching unit is slightly over budget, don’t opt for another machine which is inadequate just because it is a lot cheaper to rent. If you require something such as an air hoist to lift 2 tonnes, and you rent something slightly lower just to save money, you may put other employees in danger, never mind hiring a lifting device which won’t work properly.

  • Research Potential Businesses

Winching equipment is used in a wide variety of industries, there are plenty of companies who’ve hired hoisting equipment to complete projects, some rent units on a regular basis, so you should have no problems finding individuals who can recommend a reliable winch hire service. You can also use the Internet to search for reputable companies in your locality, once you locate a few, put their name in Google and see what kind of reviews come up.

  • Hire a Local Enterprise

It is advisable to hire a unit from a local business where possible, if you have any problems with the unit it can be easily returned, or a company representative can visit your site if any issues arise with the equipment. It is important to select a company who is registered and approved by the appropriate governing bodies, this ensures a high-quality service.

It is vital that you choose a winching service that is approved by UK based organisations such as the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association. This guarantees that the company will provide a high-standard of service and their employees are trained to maintain and supply top class lifting equipment.