5 Key Signs That You Should Enlist the Services of a Probate Lawyer

5 Things You Should Know about Probate Law in Arizona

Each year, Americans spend about $2.2 billion in costs linked to probate cases. If your beloved has died recently, perhaps you have spent money and time taking care of their estate matters and getting assets out of probate.

Doing things by yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. This is why hiring a qualified probate lawyer will be a great idea. You may also hire a probate attorney when you notice the following signs:

  1. Beneficiary Disputes

Unfortunately, the distribution and probate of the deceased may bring out the worst in individuals. It is very common for beneficiaries to have disputes over properties.

If tension starts arising, a professional probate attorney can help to interpret the deceased’s will and carry out their best wishes.

Beneficiaries may also find it necessary to get their legal representation. That is because a lawyer can advocate for their best interest by handling probate issues.

  1. Decedent’s Debts

Debts may suck up part of properties if they are not appropriately handled. Sometimes debt claims can be exaggerated. And if you are not familiar with probate matters, you can easily be duped.

Plus, there are other expenses, such as funeral expenses, personal loans, and income tax. And as a beneficiary, you’re not conversant with the paperwork and property. So it is thoughtful to leave such matters to probate attorneys.

  1. Estates with More Than $50,000 Worth

$50,000 in states like New York are regarded as small estates, which may bypass probate courtrooms. These are less costly, simpler, and quicker to deal with.

Anything more than this amount is more at risk and complicated. This is especially true when the total costs of dealing with the probate process exceed the charges of hiring a qualified probate attorney.

  1. You Want to Take Care of Estate Planning

Well, you can prepare the power of attorney, a living trust, a simple will, and a living will without an attorney. But you will have to ensure you know everything you do. 

However, it will be best to hire a probate attorney when there are tax issues, an extensive/complicated distribution plan, or a sizeable estate. The best attorney often knows how to get things done right.

  1. Court Rejection

You will need to file several documents with the court of law before estate probate happens. You have to fill out all these documents and appropriately file them. Submitting all the required documents will allow the court of law to accept those documents quickly.

But delayed paper delivery and incorrect filing may make the court reject your probate application. Such a situation may make the entire process more hectic and time-consuming.

A qualified probated attorney will help in such a situation. They know the application process and are familiar with the ins and outs of probate law.

The Bottom Line!

Just because you believe you may settle a probate case doesn’t mean you need to. Settling a probate case might be a little tricky and can comprise different legal formalities. 

And in some situations, the procedure is challenging and complex and may require an executor to meet specific requirements so as to avoid liability. 

Thus, enlisting the services of a probate attorney will help meet all these requirements quickly and efficiently.

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