5 Tricks To Start Generating Facebook Leads Now

Social media has completely changed the way your target audience finds you. While in the past you would place a banner on Google and hope that clients find you, with Facebook, you have the power to pull them in with a mix of ads and interesting content. Facebook advertising is surely set to become expensive in the near future, so it is important to work on other tricks of generating leads as well.

More video views with square videos

It is no secret that video ads and content are more viewed than text and static graphic ads. Integration with Instagram demands that your Facebook videos are Instagram viewable.But you have the format right. Narrow portrait videos are awkward and look poorly done, while landscape videos are a nuisance as they require flipping the phone on the side for better viewing.

Square ads (ration 1:1) are bigger and demand attention. If you are advertising in the newsfeed, your ads will be smooth, noticeable and viewable.

More compelling CTA

Your Call To Action (CTA) should be persuading enough to urge the viewer to make that tap. Using too generic ‘Click here…’ CTAs will become part of the background noise and get ignored. Luckily, Facebook allows you to track your CTA buttons. Experiment with different wordings and placement to see what works best. If you are having a discount sale, for example, instead of ‘Click here’ CTA, use ‘Get 50% off’

Facebook forms

Are you looking to build your email list on Facebook? Making landing pages right on Facebook can make a big change in customer communications. The best thing about Facebook forms is that the viewer does not have to leave Facebook to fill them, which makes it less disruptive. Facebook forms integrate easily with popular form creating platforms like Formstack and Wufoo.

A more interactive lead magnet

There lots of other brands competing for your Facebook audience attention. EBook, newsletters, and coupons have become standard giveaways. In addition to offering these, look for more ways to build interest. Interactive webinars, for example, are a good way to create interest and generate a buzz about upcoming events.

Making the best of cross-posting

Sharing your content across multiple platforms means that you reach a bigger audience. If you are posting video content, for example, share it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with pointers for more content on your Facebook.

Facebook is probably the best platform for lead generation in 2018 going forward. Deploy a few of these tricks and the results could be impressive.