Bright Finance Review – What Makes this Broker a Good Choice?

The world has advanced considerably in the 21st century. There has been a lot of progress and things are very different than they used to be. This has had its impact on the trading world as well because now you can trade right from the comfort of your home instead of having to venture out. However, one thing that has remained consistent in this regard is the need of a broker. In order to begin trading any asset, be it stocks, forex, indices or crypto, you need a broker to get started. They provide you with the platform and the features that are crucial for trading and they give you access to markets and access.

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Therefore, it is not surprising to know just how important they can be in your overall trading experience. You want to be able to invest your money easily and enjoy maximum returns, but this can only happen when you have the right broker in your corner. One such broker is Bright Finance. This broker is being talked about a lot and you will come across a lot of information about it when you do some research. It has developed a positive and strong reputation in the market because of its ability to cater to the needs of traders, regardless of their background.

Instead of reserving itself to a specific class of traders, this broker has come up with a solution that works for everyone. Are you wondering why you should choose Bright Finance over overs? Here are some reasons that make this broker a good choice:

  • It boasts an innovative and intuitive trading platform

It doesn’t matter what asset you are trading; the trading platform offered to you by the broker is worth a close look. If the platform doesn’t have top notch security, is unable to provide speed and flexibility and doesn’t have necessary features, it could ruin your overall experience. Bright Finance have developed their own proprietary trading platform that is the definition of innovation. Their web-based platform offers optimized performance without any delays and lags and supports one-click trading. The user interface is very intuitive and responds and adjusts to your needs. Trades can be made quickly and are reflected in real time. Bright Finance has also incorporated advanced charting tools and in-depth charts to help traders in making decisions.

  • It has cultivated a variety of assets 

One reason that people often turn to trading for generating money is because it helps in minimizing risks and maximizing returns by letting people diversify. There are numerous assets you can invest in, which helps in balancing the risks because even if one asset goes down, the other goes up. Understanding this, Bright Finance has ensured that its traders are able to spread out their money in as many assets as possible. You can trade both major and minor currency pairs, stocks of leading companies in different industries, commodities and indices as well as popular cryptocurrencies with this broker.

  • It offers flexibility in terms of account options 

In order to start trading with a broker, you first have to open an account with them. If you have taken a look at other brokers in the market, you know that they offer several account options and the same is true for Bright Finance. However, what sets this broker apart is the fact that its account options are more varied and diverse than other brokers. The account options you will find at Bright Finance are:

Explorer: This account type can be opened with $250 deposit and maximum $2,500 can be invested. It offers customer support and profession chart to its users.

Basic: The next account option can be opened with $2,500 minimum deposit and $9,999 maximum. This account also gives you access to a personal analyst who can help in making decisions.

Silver: You can open this account with a minimum deposit of $10,000 and maximum deposit of $24,999. Along with features of other accounts, traders can get access to weekly market reviews as well as financial research, which can be incredibly helpful in decision making. 

Gold: A minimum deposit requirement of $10,000 and a maximum deposit of $99,999 is applicable for this account type. You can also enjoy a smart money management plan under this account.

Platinum: The last account option that you will find at Bright Finance is this one, which can be opened with a minimum deposit of $100,000 and maximum limit is set at $499,999. You get access to a senior analyst who can help you develop a long-term financial plan. You can also enjoy protected trades that are not available in any other account type.

  • It lets you trade with peace of mind

Perhaps, one of the strongest reasons why people opt for Bright Finance is because it is able to provide them with peace of mind. If you trade under stress, you are more likely to make mistakes and this can be detrimental to your success. Therefore, Bright Finance has come up with security measures that eliminate the stress associated with trading. They require you to use strong passwords and have opted for two-factor authentication to keep your account safe. Full data encryption is practiced to ensure no unauthorized individuals can gain access to any sensitive and confidential information. The broker also offers 3D secured payments security and is compliant with PCI DSS standards. It keeps you safe from DDoS attacks as well.

Other than that, the broker keeps client funds in cold wallets for their protection and only 10% of funds are accessible online at any given time. KYC (Know Your Customer) policy has also be implemented under which individuals are required to give proof of identity and address. It is a measure to prevent cyber-criminals from making an account on the platform to gain information. 

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the top reasons that Bright Finance has been able to gain a positive reputation in the market. Your identity remains secure and you can enjoy advanced and profitable trading through the numerous features the broker has to offer.