Disaster Restoration Franchise Opportunities Ohio

When properties are damaged by weather or any other sort of disaster, property owners want disaster restoration professionals to help them restore their buildings as soon as possible. These professionals clear out debris, clean up the mess, mitigate the problem, and get the site ready for any reconstruction that is necessary. Disaster restoration franchise opportunities Ohio are not available all the time. Read more below to learn more about why you should take advantage of this opportunity below.

We utilize cutting-edge thermal technology on every job, and we are the only franchise to do so. This helps us to be very quick in our work. This creates faster job completion times, happier customers, and means more profit for you.

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The state of the economy can affect many industries, especially in the construction field, but disaster restoration is recession-resistant. No disaster consults the economy to see if it can strike, and people will always want help restoring their properties. They want to get back to work and life as soon as they can. This is a $210 billion-a-year industry, so you can definitely set yourself apart from other disaster restoration companies in your area, especially when you’ll compete about 70 jobs every month.

We handle much of the paperwork that your franchise will need to complete, so you can focus on getting new jobs and marketing your company. We do invoice review, billing, and collections for you. You’ll use our proprietary software to also make your job easier.

Your territory will be exclusively yours, and you can stand apart from the competition with other similar companies in your area. You will be our sole franchisee in your territory, and many territories have room for a lot of growth. We also offer national and regional contracts.

When you work with us, you’ll notice that our company culture is like that of a family. We work closely together to help the company succeed. You’ll never be alone in establishing and developing your business. We stay with you through every part of getting your business off the ground and will help your business succeed. We provide you with all the training and support you need to move your company towards success through your hard work.

You can expect to pay lower initial franchise costs of between $92,000 and $136,000, which is much lower than the $165,000 to $200,000 you can expect to pay with many other disaster restoration brands. Disaster restoration franchise opportunities Ohio are available now, so contact us soon!


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