Electrical Outlet Considerations for Travelers

For people leaving their countries for the first time, it can often come as an extreme disappointment to find themselves unable to plug in their phones, laptops, or other electronics. Understand that every country has different types of outlets. Even in the same country, multiple outlet types may not match the type of plug you have. Here’s what you should consider.

Where Are You Going?

As stated, each country has an outlet type they use to transmit electrical power. The first thing you should do before traveling is to look into which types of outlets the particular country you’re traveling to makes use of.

For example, if you’re traveling to, or around the UK, you can run into Type C and Type F outlets. But, while you’re there, you may venture into the UK, where you may need a Type G plug.

Choose a Travel Adapter that Can Accommodate All Eventualities

The obvious solution to traveling abroad with your electronics is to use a travel adapter. However, if your itinerary consists of multiple countries or even multiple areas within the same country, you’ll want to use an adapter that can accommodate those different locales.

All “universal” travel adapters aren’t always so universal. So make sure they can handle the specific plug and outlet types you need. If you need a Type C and Type G plug, then your adapter should have the ability to allow you to plug into Type C and Type G outlets. Otherwise, you will have multiple adapters taking up space.

It’s Not All about Outlet Types

While having the right adapter can help, you will also have to consider voltage conversions as well. While much of North America uses 120v, practically the rest of the world makes use of 220v.

It’s possible your travel adapter will also need to perform voltage conversion for you. If it doesn’t, then your electronics may not work, even if you do use the right type of plug.

Make Sure You’re Ready before You Go

With just a little bit of research, you’ll have everything you need to charge or power your electronics while you’re abroad. It doesn’t take much to figure out the type of adapter you need, but doing so can make a world of difference when you land at your destination.