How to Deal with the Anxiety of Choosing Full-boarding for Your Child for the First Time

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It can be a hard decision to send your child to full-time boarding, especially if you do not have any experience of such schooling. Many people experience mixed emotions when leaving their children on their first day. They usually have concerns like how many contacts they should have with their children and how they can adapt to a quieter home during the term.

You can also be tearful and feel an overwhelming desire to turn round and take your child back. However, full-time boarding is not a case of saying goodbye to your child for several weeks with minimal contact. Children can now use their mobile phones in the evening, and boarding schools never refuse them to call their parents at any time. 

Usually, children settle really well, apart from they might have homesickness at times. While this may make their teachers terribly upset, they know they have to keep mentally strong and cheerful for children’s sake. You might tempt to see your child every weekend during the early days of boarding, but it can be upsetting for both of you.

While the transition phase may vary from child to child, as the school keeps students constantly occupied they do not have time to miss their parents. As a parent, you need to gently encourage your child to let them know that boarding is the right decision for their future. 

Ampleforth College is keen to emphasize that parents should be involved in the entire process. The school does not advise parents to keep away thinking that it will help their child with character building. Instead, it suggests that parents should keep contact low-key in the first-two weeks, whereas students should call their parents every evening. It will help parents visualize where their children are living. 

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