How to Sell on Amazon Experts Highlight More Buying Choices Box by Amazon

As an Amazon seller, you have already established your online sales via Amazon and succeeded to get a large number of satisfied customers. Now, based on providing pleasant shopping experience to customers, you want to boost your position on the popular online marketplace or simply boost your sales. For this, you have to dedicate your time to know about More Buying Choices, as highlighted by experts giving recommendations on how to sell on Amazon or how to retain strong position as an Amazon seller.

What is More Buying Choices?

More Buying Choices box available on the Amazon’s product detail page is responsible to display various listings from many eligible sellers associated with consistently delivering pleasant buying experience to their customers on Amazon. According to Ecom Income Blueprint, the box appears in the same way, as you will find ‘Other sellers’ on Amazon showing on the product detail page.

Criteria to List Sellers for More Buying Choices

For this, Amazon selects maximum three listing containing eligible sellers and the selection is in accordance with other factors i.e. product availability, price and the shipping address of customers. Moreover, More Buying Choices available for Amazon sellers also give direct link to the page of All Offers, to allow matching of each listing with the product displaying on the respective page.

Qualification Requisites for Sellers to Achieve More Buying Choices

Sellers should achieve Buy Box eligibility to qualify their product listings for the box representing More Buying Choices. However, as performance metric targets for sellers vary according to product categories and often subject to change, it is difficult for Amazon to disclose the specific targets required for qualifying to achieve Buy Box eligibility. Instead, qualification requires fulfillment of extremely high standards and excelling in the eligibility criteria to work towards featured in the box of More Buying Choices provided by Amazon.