Important Items of Personal Protective Equipment No One Should be Without

Accidents happen everywhere, and there are many seemingly harmless activities that could result in a serious injury. Even if you work from home and live the most placid life imaginable, there are still certain items of personal protective equipment that you should have on hand just to keep on the safe side. Here are some important pieces of personal protective equipment that no one should be without.

Safety Glasses

Vision is our most cherished sense. Every person should own a pair of safety glasses. There are many tasks that could result in eye injury from common household cleaning to grinding metal. Even a small amount of debris can cause an eye injury, and whatever it is you’re doing- if anything is going to go flying- you should wear eye protection.

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First Aid Kits

Every building and vehicle should have a set of first aid kits available. There are different first aid kits for different situations, and few can handle every type of medical emergency. For this reason, it is good to have both large and small kits with a variety of supplies for different first aid needs.

Steel Toe Boots

Even if you’re just working around the yard, you certainly do not want to drop a cinder block on your toe or get your foot caught under a lawnmower with nothing but sneakers on.

Hard Hats

A common sight on construction jobs, hard hats are not just for professional contractors. If you’re doing some home remodeling, or just trimming branches on a tree, a hard hat can mean the difference between a nasty bump and a concussion.

Protective Gloves

There are a lot of common tasks that people should use protective gloves for. If you change your oil at home or work with tools in the garage, rubber gloves can prevent your skin from coming into contact with oil – which is a carcinogen. Or if you’re working with cutting tools, heavy gloves can help you avoid a painful injury.

Dust Masks/Respirators

Whether you’re dealing with industrial waste, doing a large painting job, or tilling the yard- breathing protection is often a good idea.

High Visibility Jackets

You never know when you might have to work near traffic. Anyone could experience a roadside breakdown and have to change a tire on the side of a busy road. Having a high visibility jacket in addition to your flares is a good idea.

Hearing Protection

Second only to sight- hearing is among our most valued and most vulnerable senses. Many people work around conditions involving constant medium to high noise. Over time, even things that don’t seem terribly loud can damage your hearing.


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