Keep Your Hands Cool With Different Types Of Custom Coffee Cup Sleeves

You can enjoy a cup of hot coffee and still keep your hand cool if you use custom coffee cup sleeves that are available in different colors and materials. Whether you choose paper coffee sleeves, dispensers or coffee clutches, you will have different options to choose from eco-friendly options that save trees to biodegradable ones and even heat activated adhesive, all custom printed with your logo. The biodegradable products come in different colors, styles and patterns. All these sleeves can fit on 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20 oz. cups to make it stand out with its green-friendly features, efficient service, firm grip and no slipping.

Customizable and sustainable

All these sleeves are fully customizable and sustainable to provide you with the maximum value in return for your money. With your company logo printed on it, you will have maximum mileage hand-to-hand, so to speak. You will also convey a strong message to others with this environmentally responsible product made from craft paper, which iscompostable, recyclable and biodegradable. These sleeves usually have heat activated adhesive in small amount. This adhesive is activated by the heat of the beverage enabling the sleeve to stick to its original position and prevent from sliding down needingcontinuous readjustment.

The science behind

The main idea behind these coffee cup sleeves is based on thermodynamics. It uses the principle of conduction which explains the heat transfer between substances. Generally, higher area of contact and more density of two things have a higher potential for transferring heat. The coffee sleeve reduces this contact between the hand and hot coffee. This in turn results in a lowdensity barrier. It creates tiny air pockets between the sleeve exterior and the cup. Heat is therefore not transferred easily as air has lowdensity keeping the sleeve and your hand cooler.

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