Planet Express- You Shop, We Deliver

Online shopping has opened a whole new world of shopping experience to the shoppers. You get to choose from varities of products, compare them, review them ,etc. It would be a lot better if online retailers provided shipping services worldwide. But this is not the case. Most of the online retailers provide product delivery services within the geographical boundary of their respective countries. But Planet Express is making things easy for those who want to buy products from online retailers of the United States of America (USA).

We, at Planet Express, provide product delivery service all over the world. Now, you can shop from the retailers of the USA without worrying about the shipment of your products. At the time of registering with us, you need to add $5 to your account which can use while booking your first shipment. Planet Express provides convenient shipment services at affordable pricings. We have various shipment methods to choose from and the shipment pricing will vary accordingly.

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We provide product consolidation service as well. If you are buying more than one products, just have all the products delivered to us. We will check the contents of your product to make sure that nothing is broken and consolidate all the products into a single package to make the handling easy. Also, consolidation of the products reduces the overall shipment price as during this process, a lot of anwanted packaging material and empty space is removed which reduces the weight of the package.

If you want to make sure that the retailer has delivered us the same products that you had shopped for, you can request the photo of the goods as well whether you have ordered a single product or multiple products. You can also order for additional security tape or additional bubble wrap. Contact us for fast, easy, transparent and reliable shipment of your products.