Project Enclosure – To protect your projection investment

To enjoy movie in summers and especially if you want to watch it at home then outdoor projector fulfills your need. If you want to film a special occasion like wedding, ceremonies which are happening in lawn, it can be done through outdoor projector. The outdoor projector can be affected by dust, rain and theft to protect the outdoor projector, the enclosure is designed which saves the projector from weather, thieves and vandals. It is made of aluminum which is thick and tough in nature. The outdoor projector enclosure made in UK, designed for any project outdoor projector is widely used.

The products which protect outdoor projector enclosure

The different kind of products which helps in protecting the outdoor projector enclosure are as follows:

  • Fan cooled projector enclosure: Whether inside or outside, there are possibilities that projector can get contaminated by air, pollution and rain. This enclosure filters the air and expels the hot air which makes the life of projector very long.
  • Ultra Short Throw Projector Enclosure: This is designed to provide ultimate protection to any kind of outdoor projector irrespective of size.
  • Air Conditioner Project Enclosure: It is designed to keep the projector cool. Most of the projectors use traditional lamps and bulbs for light engine which produces tremendous heat and cause trouble to projector; hence this enclosure helps to avoid the discomfort of heat.
  • Indoor hush boxes: It is designed to keep away the projector from the defects of sound.
  • Projector cages: The projector can be used anywhere, the cage is designed as a cover to protect the projector. It reduces the risk of damage of projector from falling.

There are three types of outdoor project enclosures, the small outdoor project enclosure, the medium outdoor project enclosure and large outdoor project enclosure. The benefits of outdoor projectors are as follows:

  • It can be used as a source of digital marketing to advertise the products.
  • It is the best equipment to use while shooting ad campaign outside.
  • The projectors are weatherproof.