Protecting your website from hackers

Internet has increased the scope for everyone from the businessman, shoppers, enthusiast and simply surfers to the hackers’. People who are involved in fraudulent activities always look for opportunities to attack and penetrate the security system of your computer or website. Hacking your computer to staling information from your computer. You can protect your website by enhancing your website security.

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Tips to protect your website from hackers

  • You should ensure that you keep the software updated from time to time to ensure complete protection from hackers. You must keep your server operating system and other software updated to the latest version.
  • SQL injection attack on your website happens when the hackers want to access to your website by using URL parameters to hack data from your computers and website.
  • Cross site scripting injects the malicious java script on your pages and thus can change the content of your page.
  • Avoid giving detailed information to the error messages. Provide only the limited information required.
  • Validation form is to be done on the server and browser side.
  • Everyone including you must use the strong passwords always to protect your web site and the information of your visitors also from being stolen and used for illegal activities.
  • File uploading facilities extended to your website could be a bigger threat to the security of your website.
  • HTTPS is a protocol to protect your website from being hacked. It is suggested to use HTTPS to send any information to your visitors
  • You must go for the security test of your website by using the security tools of other website.

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Thus, you can go for website protection so that in spite of all the tricks used to protect your website from hacking, you should leave nothing to chance by not allowing easy access to hackers.