Scratch destinations of your interest on the world map!

A map helps you to locate yourself in the world. It is the tool which guides you, how to navigate through the world? And how you can reach at various places and what you get over there, like rivers, mountains, plains or any other geographical condition that is a specialty of the region. A map also helps to guide how to travel through various regions and to reach the where you want to be. The scratch map is same as the other maps instead of the option of the scratching the foil over the map to locate your next destination.

New Premium Scratch-off World Map - Personalized Scratchable Travel Poster With Modern Design Tube & Scratch Pen - Great Decoration, Unique Gift for Travelers and Children

About the scratch map

The scratch map has an option of scratching the place you have visited and you can also target the places where you want to be in nearby future. The map of Life’s Your is very useful in remembering your destination which you had visited or you are planning to visit. The map can also be presented as a gift to your travel loving friend to mark his destination and can be hanged on the wall and used in learning with fun. Children can scratch the countries themselves and can learn about that specific country. So while having fun children can learn a lot from scratching maps. The Scratchable World map is printed onto the highest quality silk art paper which allows you to scratch it easily and smoothly. With this you are exempted from the worries about creases and hard scratching gold foils while you scratch off your favorite travel locations. The manufacturer guarantee that the scratch off world map is better than standard world maps you can find being sold. Once scraped off world map will reveal beautifully colored countries with detailed geographical units such as river lines. Many Scratchable world maps do not have various colors and river lines. This real world map will be great for enthusiastic travelers, creative people and a great fun way for children to learn about the world.

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