SEO vs Social Media: Which is Best for Your Brand?

There are still a lot of debates that are ongoing among people who would like to market their brand whether they should use social media or SEO as their tool. The actions that should be done to promote using these two platforms can be different. The processes that will be done will also vary. It is not a surprise that the end results will be different too.

In order to understand which is best for your brand, you need to know the differences between the two. You need to know the factors that will make them more effective for certain brands as compared to others. It does not mean that just because it works well for your competitors, it is already going to work for you.


What are the topics of the content that you should share through social media when you want people to know more about your brand? You need to write compelling stories. You want to showcase thought-provoking images and videos. There is a need for your target audience to feel all sorts of emotions while checking your social media content.

This is highly different when you are going to use SEO. You need to research more about your content. You can create how-to blog content that people would like to check soon. It is best if you would release articles that will have the ability to answer some common questions.

Formats to Use

If you want your post to be checked out in social media, you need to add a media file that will make people want to take a second look. You can share videos that people will find interesting. Share images that will make people stare. If you would post something that comes with videos and images, you can expect that you will get more likes.

When creating content for SEO, you need to cover certain topics perfectly. Short texts will not be enough to provide an in-depth analysis of the topic that you want to talk about. The best thing that you can do is to create an article that is about 1500 words in length. This will be enough to cover enough information regarding the topic you want to write.

Targeting the Right Audience

Even the way that you choose your target audience can be a bit different when you are using social media and SEO. If you want to target the right people on social media, you need them to be interested in what you offer based on who they are. This is different for SEO wherein you need to target people based on what they are thinking. Will the detergent that you are selling actually be better than the one that they are using? You need them to think about the products and services that you can provide.

Sharing and Purchasing

This is one of the most crucial things that you have to think about. Would you like people to share the information that you have posted or you want them to purchase from you? The way that you answer this question will make a huge difference. If you have blog posts that you simply want to reach more people, using social media is the better choice. The people on social media are more likely to check your information and share your content. They are less likely to purchase items from you but this is not required if you just want to get your content to become more popular.

You need to use SEO if you want people to actually purchase your products. This means that you are targeting people who actually need your items. You feel that your products will make a huge difference in their lives. When they feel this way too, there is a big chance that they will order from you.


This is another thing that you have to consider when you are choosing which one you are going to use. Growing a following on social media will take some time and effort but the moment that you have gotten enough followers, it will be easier for you to see the results. At times, the results may even happen within minutes.

When you are using SEO, the path can be slow and uncertain. You are not entirely sure if you have done the right process and it will take time before the content that you have created will be indexed and ranked but through the years, you will become credible enough. You will also have the ability to maintain your standing longer as compared to using social media sites.

It is evident that both social media and SEO will have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can consider their strong points and weak points and decide which one will work better for your needs. No matter what your choice will be, make sure that it will be the best option for your brand.

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