Serpbook, Your Powerful Rank Tracker

When designing an SEO strategy for any kind of business, you need to employ the right strategies for a top ranking. Google ranking plays a significant role in determining the success of your business. This is why you need to know about your position online. Today, there is an assortment of tracking and ranking tools to help you track your keywords. Gone are the days when you had to turn to Google to manually track your ranking and that of targeted keywords.

However, you need to evaluate your needs to determine what’s good and what is working for your business. It will help you settle for a tracking tool that is worth your investment in terms of effort, time, and money.  In the world of advanced keyword tracking and ranking tools, Serpbook is one of the tools that guarantee you excellent results. It gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

Generally, Serpbook is

  • Sleek and simple to use.

  • Cost effective based on the pricing packages.
  • Highly interactive key information.
  • Allows you to check your results and you can share or download your data.
  • Additionally, it is highly customizable and you do not need to use a feature you are not interested in. This means that you can turn off any feature that is not suitable for your business. With this tool, making your account more interactive, simple and clean is easy. You can have all your keywords in one list for easy tracking and monitoring. Furthermore, sorting out keywords in the same category is a lot easier with Serpbook.
  • When it comes to adding keywords, you only need to include your domain URL, keywords or keyword phrases at a go; to rank them in the same URL. To check pages that perform well, Serpbook is ideal as it offers to rank based on the keywords used. To track the performance of a keyword in a website, you can utilize checkbox for accurate results.
  • Viewing your rankings with the tracking tool is equally easy. The whole process can be customized to best suit your needs. If you need a simple or complex process, you can order your results as you like.

Serpbook Highlights-why it stands out

  • A unique and sleek layout

As mentioned above, Serpbook is easy to use and it comes with a clean layout. This means that adding keywords is a seamless task that saves on time and energy. It is one of the most impressive features to look for in any tracking tool. With the layout, it is also easy for you to navigate on the page even if you have a high number of keywords. With just a snap, you can add, click on, order, chart, download and evaluate your keywords or data.

To top it up, the tool doesn’t have unnecessary features that can make your tasks hard. In the event where you need to include complex tasks, there are interfaces that you can explore without interfering with the smooth process of keyword ranking as well as keyword tracking speed.

  • Compatibility with Google analytics

The tool is also a powerful rank tracker based on its compatibility with Google analytics. You only need to sync and play around with keywords seamlessly. The magic happens even if you have multiple accounts that you need to evaluate.

  • Highly functional

Similarly, Serpbook is highly functional. It allows you to check your rankings on different platforms for Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Google, YouTube, and regional listings.

  • Notifications

It also gives you notifications of major events via email. For example, it can notify you whenever there are 5to 400 major ranking changes.

  • Database wonderland

Serbook’s layout is highly interactive. There is an easy access to almost everything on your account. For this reason, you can view and analyze results even on a deeper ground.

  • Highly customizable

You can customize the tracking tool; make it simple or complex just to your preference. With no doubt, it is an exceptional tool that is easy to customize when the need arise.

  • Easy to verify your results

When it comes to tracking your performance or keywords, you need honest results. This will give you peace of mind or it will help you to go an extra mile to design an effective SEO campaign. The layout of Serpbook comes with highly functional and reliable spyglass icon to help you verify your ranking results.

  • Intuitive features

Serpbook is an incredible blend of advanced features to help you monitor your performance in a simple and customized approach. It is an effective platform with intuitive features to match the needs of small and large businesses. Whether you have a large clientele that needs a superior search engine optimization campaign or a simple work plan, you can always get a plan that serves you best with Serpbook.

  • Pricing

Its pricing feature is equally commendable. It comes with great subscription plans for different clients. Therefore, before you sign up for a payment plan, you only need to explore its basic pricing plan. Find the most ideal based on your business needs.


Do you need to monitor your ranking, evaluate your SEO campaign and track your keywords? Check here for a simple, fast, sleek, advanced, and reliable tracking tool that meets your unique personal/business desires and needs.