Storm Casinos – a unique chain of slot halls in Germany

Storm Casinos is a unique chain of gambling halls of the Storm International company, offering the most modern slots and bright entertainment programs in several cities of Germany. All establishments, as explained by director Darren Keane (Storm International) offer interior design and service at the highest level. Guests are welcomed by highly qualified employees in order to offer them a truly unforgettable experience.

The unique concept of  Dead or alive slot revolves around casinos , entertainment events, special promotions and parties, which allow you to enjoy your leisure time, specified Darren Keane.

Storm Casino has three casino- halls in Frankfurt. Wherever the guests are in Frankfurt, one of the casino-halls will be in the neighborhood.

The slot hall in Mülheim also invites guests to the Storm restaurant, which can be reserved for any events for family and friends, as well as for leisure in the company.

Storm Casino in Fulda is represented by two halls. Along with the casino, the company proudly presents the restaurant and sports bar, the ideal place to celebrate any event.

The slot-hall in Aschaffenburg offers the best games. In Zimmerne the casino-hall gives a chance to spend an entertaining evening with the most modern slots. And in Bensheim, entertainment programs are always good.