The Five Best Work From Home Businesses to Start on a Shoestring

So you want to start a work from home business, but you have a little problem. A tiny problem—your wallet! It’s practically empty, and you need to make some coin…quick! Today, we are looking at the five best work from home careers you can begin working at with only a little money out of pocket.

Nope. These are not get rich quick scams or going to make you into a millionaire overnight. These are real work from home businesses that require you to roll up your sleeves and hustle to make a buck. Some of these jobs are performed 100% from your laptop or phone in a home office setting, and others let you manage the business from home but serve customers at their locations.

Take a look.

1 – Teaching English Online

If you need to make money and prefer to work from home following a proven system, consider teaching online.

Top English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers earn as much as $30 per hour from the comfort of their homes.

Who are their students? People from all across the world who want to learn English from scratch or master the finer nuances of the language.

The online teaching companies recruit students and have the instructional platform in place for you. All that’s left for you to handle…apply, get hired, and log into your virtual classroom at the appointed time.

Investment: $0

2 – Selling Pampered Chef

Do you love to cook and party? You might really enjoy selling Pampered Chef, America’s favorite kitchen brand.

While the traditional Pampered Chef party is held in the home of a hostess, the company is evolving with the times. Now, hostesses could have in-home sessions. However, they may also opt for virtual parties via Facebook.

From the comfort of your home, you’ll create the event, engage potential shoppers with fun games and trivia, and create video demonstrations — as you cook your own dinner! Then, you get monthly commission checks from your sales.

At Pampered Chef, they like to say that they get paid to party.

Investment: $109 and up

3 – Freelance Writing

Do you have superior writing skills and the ability to honor deadlines? Become a freelance writer. Armed with your laptop and internet, you can sign up on freelance platforms and begin searching for freelance gigs within 15 minutes.

Each platform charges you a finder’s fee for each gig. In many cases, this is a sliding scale. This means that the more work you perform for a given client, the lower the fee may become.

The best part of freelancing is turning one-off jobs into long-term clients who continue to hire you to write content week after week. And, you get to learn about a lot of different industries. From writing blog posts for companies or writing website copy that drives sales, you have an opportunity to become a valued team member as a freelance writer.

After you pick up your first few jobs (and get paid!), you can take a little cash and set up your own website to get jobs off of the platform to keep a bigger profit.

Investment: $0 (you’ll pay the platform their fee once the client pays you)

4 – House Cleaning

If you have a knack for housecleaning and organizing, consider breaking out the elbow grease and start a house cleaning service.

Busy professionals don’t always have time to clean their homes. For those who earn top dollar, their time is better spent generating the big bucks and paying a professional cleaner to tend to their home.

Here’s the caveat. It’s hard to get started without references or experience. If you’ve cleaned for employers in the past, ask them to write a letter about your cleaning skills. If not, let the potential client know that you have personal housekeeping experience and you will go to the far ends of the earth to do a wonderful job.

Get started using your personal cleaning products and vacuum; you can upgrade after you’ve earned money.

Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

Investment: $0 – Also, seriously consider calling your insurance agent about liability insurance in case you break something accidentally.

5 – Editing Services

People who possess the top English language skills, are knowledgeable in WordPress (preferred by so many), and able to sharpen copy can find work providing editing services easily.

Today, it’s not good enough for companies to have a website. They need to have the best website, with clear language that boosts their revenue and moves product.

Many companies have staff who can write copy, but they miss the subtleties that take good copy and transform it into greatness. That’s where you, the editor, come into the picture. Companies are willing to pay out top dollar to the best editors—you!

Investment – $0

Like freelance writing, you can begin searching for editing work on freelancing platforms for a small fee. Also, remember that the platform withholds that fee from your payment, so it costs you nothing out of pocket.

As you grow your client base, invest some money in your home based business by developing a website to attract clients off of the platform.

The Bottom Line

Starting a home based business can be challenging. However, all the struggles are worth knowing that you control your own destiny.