This Simple 2 Step Secret Will Turn Your Next Car Into An Investment!

This Simple 2 Step Secret Will Turn Your Next Ford Fiesta Car Into An Investment!

(The Secret My Dad Taught Me!)


Everyone knows a car is not an investment. In fact, its worse; it is a depreciating asset. We have all heard how a car loses thousands of dollars the very second you drive it off the car lot, and that is 100% TRUE!


It’s true! My dad taught me a secret that instantly makes the next car you buy, into an investment that can MAKE YOU MONEY! I first tried it when I was 19 and it worked! I’ve done it repeatedly since then and have now taught my kids the secret and guess what? It’s working for them too!

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Yes! The secret works on any make, any model, car or truck.  And it works on any year of vehicle. So yes, you can get your dream car whether it’s a Ferrari, a pickup or a minivan!


So this is a simple two-step secret. Do these two things and you can kiss off the depreciation that happens when you drive off the lot in a new car!

STEP 1: Buy A branded title car. Wait, you don’t know what a branded title car is? OK, no time here for a long explanation, so let me give you the short version- a branded title car is any vehicle that has been in some sort of incident that involved an insurance claim basically. So, if a car gets hail damage, or stolen or rear-ended or water damage, etc. That car becomes a “branded title” car. Whatever happened to them in the past doesn’t really matter because whatever it was, it has been repaired or replaced by professionals using sophisticatedtools and technology to return it to excellent condition.

Once a car has a branded title, you can buy it for thousands of dollars less than a non-branded title car. Even though the car is in fantastic condition! If you’ve never known about branded title cars until now, well, you can thank my dad for opening your eyes to this awesomeness!

A friend of mine recently picked me up in his beautiful, luxurious black Cadillac, (every luxury upgrade you can imagine!) and I was SHOCKED because I didn’t know he could afford so much car. I realize its rude to do, but I asked how much he paid for it. He smiled, pulled out his iphone, pulled up the NADA website where he showed my the book value on this year, make and model Cadillac- it was over $70,000!

When I asked how he could afford such an incredible car, he told me told the same thing m dad taught me- he went out looking for a branded title version of the Cadillac and found THIS one! (He found it here- check it out!) Guess what he paid for his Cadillac? $50,000! He saved $20,000!!!!!!THAT is why branded title cars are so dang amazing! But that’s only half the secret my dad taught me. Here is the second half…

STEP 2: Save the savings. When you buy a branded title car, you are going to save a ton of money over buying a “clean title” car. It happens every time. You just take the amount of money you saved buying a branded title car and invest that savings! That’s it! Where you invest it is up to you. If you don’t know how to invest, no worries. I was once the same way. Just call my friends here and tell them I sent you.

BOOM! You have just turned a car purchase from a DEPRECIATING LOSS into a LUCRATIVE MONEY-MAKING EXPERIENCE!

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Do NOT buy just any branded title car. There are some shady dudes out there doing terrible work on cars. There are even dealers selling some junk they are trying to pass off as quality branded cars. Play it safe. Stick to established companies with long 5-star reviews and tons of super happy customers. The one my family and I go to and the one I recommend you go to is AutoSource. They are the largest national dealer specializing in branded title vehicles. They have sold something like 20,000 cars! They do safety checks, offer extended warranties, etc. If you are going to shop for a branded title vehicle, I strongly recommend you start with AutoSource. Their website is


Now you know the secret that makes it possible to drive the car of your dreams, spend less money on that car and end up with some money in the bank that is growing, not shrinking! Let me repeat what I said earlier- I have been doing this for years and it works. My children now do it and it is working for them. And we owe it all to my dad who worked hard for his money and was always looking for ways to protect it while growing it. He was a wise investor and businessman and now, thanks to dad, you are too!

On behalf of my dad…you’re welcome. 😊