How A Good Security System Can Help Lower Your Business Insurance Premiums

Having business insurance is considered a must by all smart and savvy business owners. Insurance is a good way to protect yourself, your investment, and your business in case of an accident, natural disasters, or even a break in. While it is highly recommended to take out an insurance plan on your business, the price of premiums is no small fee. This results in many businesses going uninsured for far too long.

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What if there was a way to lower the insurance premiums while adding extra security to your shop? Speaking to a security system supplier will help you understand the true value of a reliable security system, but first, here are some ways on how it can lower the cost of insurance:

Armed Guards Aren’t The Solution

There are establishments such as banks and the headquarters of a major corporation that will find a use for armed guards, but they aren’t the best solution for small businesses. While having muscle and an authority figure around your shop looks intimidating, it doesn’t help with the insurance premiums.

In fact, insurance companies see having guards as a disadvantage and may even charge you higher. This is because an authority figure can actually increase the risk of danger for a small business, especially when they are armed with a weapon. Security guards are helpful in some ways, but a small business may not benefit at all when hiring them for their services.

Security Systems Are Non-Threatening

A good security system can be hidden in plain sight which means customers don’t even notice that they are there. This makes the atmosphere inside a shop more relaxed, but at the same time, all movements are being tracked, recorded, and monitored. In case of any crime committed against the establishment or one of the customers, tracking, finding, and identifying the person responsible becomes easier with a security system.

With this level of protection and security, an insurance company will see your business as low-risk allowing you access to more affordable premiums for your business.

24-Hour Surveillance And Protection

Installing a commercial security system in your business is perfect if you want to monitor the location at all hours of the day. As we all know, break-ins and theft happen mostly at night where no one is in the building, but once thieves see a security system, they are less likely to target your business.

It is also possible to connect the security system with the local authorities so that when the alarm is triggered at odd hours, the police can quickly check on the shop, even if you didn’t alert them of a break in. This is a factor insurance companies will consider when offering you premiums.

Low-Risk Establishments Get Better Premiums

Contact a security system supplier today and outfit your business with a reliable security system. Once this is done your insurance provider will quickly see how invested you are in your business and the precautions you have taken to ensure it is a low-risk target for criminals. As a result, the premiums they will offer will become more affordable.

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