Lecture table an important component of the educational environment

The lecture table in schools and colleges should be comfortable. Lecturers may lose concentration from the lecture if the chairs and tables are not comfortable. Lecture table [โต๊ะ เลคเชอร์, which is the term in Thai] are a part of educational environment. Hence, lecture tables and chairs must provide the right position for sitting. They must also be light weighted and handy. Educational institutions must select lecture tables that are stylish, comfortable and durable. Different models of tables for schools, colleges, auditorium, etc. are available in the market. It should be noted that the lecture tables for schools and colleges must have a writing surface. A good lecture table increases the focus of the lectures as well as student.

Benefits of using standing lecture table

  • Reduces back pain: Back pain is one of the common health issues found in employees who work all day while sitting. The standing lecture desk minimizes the risk of back pain as it provides free movement to the body.
  • Increases focus: Standing desks can be used as lecture tables in schools and colleges. These tables help lecturers to keep focus on all students equally which eventually leads to concentration of students in lectures.
  • Increases productivity: There is a popular saying “thinking on our feet” which suits these type of tables. Standing lecture tables helps your brain to work faster.

Things to be considered while selecting the lecture table

  • Size of the lecture room: Lecture table is an integral part of educational institution. The type lecture that stands to be used in the classroom should be based on the size of the lecture hall.
  • Age of students: Different sizes of lecture tables must be used for students of different age. It helps to monitor the students effectively.
  • Teaching style: It is one of the important factors that can vary your decision. Select the type of lecture table depending on the objective and teaching style.