The value of an appealing logo for your brand

The logo of your brand might be something that you don’t pay too much attention to. When you’re thinking about customers’ experience of your brand, you don’t think of your logo at all. And even though for a large part that’s true, the visual component plays an underestimated role in the experience that people have with your brand.

The influence of visual design

The reason that this visual component is easily overlooked, is because its effects play at a deeper level. People don’t consciously think about it when assessing your brand, but they do process it unconsciously. Brands who’ve understood this impact of visuals, have especially taken the element of luxury into account, when designing and visualizing their brand. Luxury brands, like hotel chains or certain car brands, often have these tight visual logo’s, and use classic types of fonts to try and give a very high-class and modern feel to the customers’ experience of the brand. More cheap brands, like private label brands in supermarkets, for example, can use designs that have a more simple and ‘fast and easy’ feel to them, to convey their message of having the lowest price.

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Logo design

The logo can be considered the center of all these designing choices. Good and professional logos can seriously help your brand to an extent that you wouldn’t expect at first, simply by improving the very first impression of your brand that people unconsciously process in their minds. Also, a good logo can immediately convey a clear message about your brand. Take BP’s logo for example. Their colorful green flower logo immediately portrays that they as a brand crown themselves as the most green and sustainable of the oil and gas industry brands.

Do you wish to improve your brand impression and experience by choosing the right visuals? Professional designers can help you very well with this, especially when it comes to logo design. A professional designer doesn’t just make some good logo drawings that fit to the subject of your brand. They will take your brand and your key value propositions to customers under a loop, and discuss with you the key message that you want your brand to convey. They will then propose different logos to you with a very creative and professional design, and which will have the right look & feel for your brand,