Why Facebook Marketing Isn’t For All Businesses

Have you been trying to grow your number of followers on Facebook yet nothing seems to work? Countless businesses find themselves riding the same boat. Everyone talks about the many wonders of social media marketing, but things may not be as straightforward as you had imagined. Promoting your business on Facebook is more than just sharing posts and status updates. In fact, Facebook doesn’t work for all businesses.

That last statement might have caught you off-guard. Considering that Facebook is the largest social media network in terms of number of active users, it’s surprising to see anybody explain that this social platform could end up being ineffective for some brands. While Facebook enjoys 1.5 billion monthly active users, the majority of them use the site without giving the slightest attention to brands.

Yes, it’s safe to say that promoting your business on Facebook is not as attractive as it once was. Reaching your target audience has become increasingly difficult, thanks to all the updates released by Facebook. And even if you manage to build a large following, you can’t expect them to turn into loyal brand advocates in a snap of your finger. A lot of work needs to be done, and with that comes high expenses.

Small business owners, in particular, will find it challenging to make noise on Facebook. With their limited resources, creating the kind of content that gets the attention of prospective customers proves immensely difficult. They might have to settle for traditional blog posts, which don’t stand a chance against the dynamic content being served by large brands. You can’t expect users to stop scrolling just to view your static content. Most users will only stop when a video auto-plays.

It’s also worth looking at the amount of money you need to shell out for any chance at succeeding on Facebook marketing. Despite what many people would have you believe, promoting your brand on Facebook isn’t free. At the very least, you need to invest a ton of time in creating content that resonates with your target audience. This alone can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. If you have a limited budget, there might not be enough money left for ads, which are often the best way to get seen amidst the sea of competition on the platform.

You might also think that if you manage to amass thousands upon thousands of followers, then conversions will inevitably come. But only a fraction of your followers will get to see your updates. Such is the nature of Facebook’s algorithm. You will have to spend more money to reach more people. And even if you do expand your reach, there’s no guarantee that they’ll even bother clicking on your site.

As noted, Facebook makes changes to its algorithm constantly, much like how Google does the same for its search algorithm. This is an attempt to serve better content on the newsfeed of users. But one could argue that these changes are geared toward making more money from brands who want to use their platform to grow their business.

The harsh truth is that Facebook isn’t for all businesses. If you try and fail, you could end up hurting the overall reputation of your brand. Those who bother checking your social media presence might get turned off upon seeing that you have less than a hundred followers. It gives the impression that nobody cares about your business, so they shouldn’t do so as well. You may be better off removing your Facebook page and focusing on other platforms and digital marketing techniques that yield better results.